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"On to the Page", for the uninitiated, is the name of a podcast that is dedicated to the business and craft of screenwriting. The host of the podcast is Pillar Alessandra, a former script reader and current script consultant.

For the last three years, the "On the Page" podcast has been free of charge for all writers. Three years of some of the best screenwriting advice you can find.

In the next couple of weeks, the podcast will switch from a free podcast to a subscription podcast. Twenty dollars per season, a season being six months. So basically forty bucks a year.

Now, that’s a big change for content that has been free this whole time. I’m suspecting many listeners will refuse to pay for content that was free and stop listening to the podcast.

My advice for anyone who plans on doing this is: don’t.

"On the Page" is an excellent podcast. Every week there is something new, and every week it gets better. It’s surprising that this podcast has been free for this long.

So if you're a fan of the show, don’t cancel. This is the hardest time to crack into the spec market, and a screenwriter needs more help now than ever.

I know it’s forty bucks, but in the long run, that’s nothing. You might find something in an episode that will blow your screenwriting mind (for me it was learning how to network with Modern Warefare 2).

And if you’re not a fan already, go to itunes and search for "On the Page". You can still listen to the first hundred or so episodes for free and you can decide if it’s right for you.

I can only name a handful of screenwriting podcasts out there, and On The Page is by far the best.

Worth the forty dollars.

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